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Rules : 

Now the rules are simple :


Be on time , we are not babies so no drama .


If you are not ready you are out .


If your note card of apply it does not have what I ask you to give me you are out.


If your gift is a bad one you are out ( respect the people that will visit your store and they will see your work , if the gift is bad they will never going to come back or they will not even come to take your gift).


No need to make a new gift .


Simple give one of the things you sell, a good gift even if it is for free it must be a good gift (yea I know some people come take it and never come back they are used to good gifts and they are rude . But not all of them are like that!! Thank god!!!).


Place you hunt board as soon as you get it , rename your hunt object with your store name and hide it as soon as you get it .


Your hint must be funny and to be understood even from those that do not know to good English & it must help them not be a hint that has nothing to do with where the gift is .


You must  not put the gift in the end of your store if your shop is big , they must be able to find it in 10 minutes the most, don’t make them upset by looking for hours and hours is going to be your loss because they will not want to come back to look at your shop.




Can you give male and female gift? If not its ok too,  I will write on the web page each store what kind of a gift it gives.


If you move you must let me know by notecard with the new url and new hints.


I think that’s all.


How to apply

Name of you:
Name of your shop:
url of your shop:
landmark of your shop:
Are you at adult-mature-pg land?:

Picture of the gift : :
Do you understood the rules?:
Will you be able to make a gift for both men and women?
If not to whom your gift will be about men or women?

Your hint:




Your url of the place you will hide your gift so I can see if you are ready :




Do you want me to keep your name and let you know if  i do another hunt?

Do you want to be in the first 5 places in the hunt? the fee is 100L if you leave the hunt no money back  &  if more than 5 people want to pay then i will let all of you know on how to make it happen .  MAybe it will be who ever gives the most get the place , we will see when you get there.  You will give the money when the applys will close , i will let you know . 

so if you want to be in the first 5 spots say yes here: 


your gift can be something that you all ready sell !!!


send it to me = kalliopi Ziplon 


Get to know us hunt 1-name of you-name of your shop (rename the notecard like that before you send it to me )



Rules for the hunters :


New hunt comming up, same rules as before 

Theme: New or old shop it doesn’t matter
No matter what you create
Even if you sell others stuff too
As long as you can make an amazing  free gift you are in
Hunt Name: Hunt: Let your Creations been known
Hunt Date: 1-end of March 2013
Applications Date: from now ( 4/01/2013) until end of  February
Organisers SL Name: kalliopi ziplon

Rename your note: Hunt : L.Y.C.B.N.-your name -shop name ​

Lying , Jealously, Infidelity , Disbelief April hunt : L.J.I.D.A.HUNT
Hunt date : 1 to 15 April 
Application Deadline : until 25 of March

Hello one more amazing hunt is here!!This time the hunt is not free , every gifts must be 1l , you have to give 5 gifts the Least!! What do we mean 5 gifts , well if you do male & female separated then each gifts counts for one , so if you do 2 women & 2 men is 4 gifts but you need 5 gifts. 
You can give as a gift things you all ready sell in your shop  but for the hunt will be only 1l !!
Now 2 of the gifts must be in the theme !!! The rest is up to you!!! You must create them, no free bad tasty gifts . What kind of a gift? Well it’s up to you anything it will be ok just do 2 according to the theme and well made gifts.
Theme : lies , cheating, jealous, spying  ….anything about that !!! Be funny , be creative !!!
You can make gifts to support people that cheat like hiding places or whatever you can think of , you may do gifts to support hurting people by jealous partners or mad partners ready to be even  hhaahhaahha


You must be in the group for as long as the hunt is on !! If you move you must let us know !!​

Organisers SL Name: kalliopi ziplon &Razziiii

your apply note send it to kalliopi Ziplon .


This hunt will go on for 3 weeks. 3 Creators will put some of their Amazing Creations at VERY LOW prices for this hunt !!! Every week there will be NEW stuff !!! The prices will be ONLY 10$L or 20$L or 30$L!!! In here you will find the pictures of the creations , their prices & their hints !!!





The 3 creators are : 

Οι 3 δημιουργοί είναι οι εξής  ( με το landmark τους και το λινκ τους για το online–marketplace μαγαζί τους ): 

1) THE FASHION STORE :male clothes, female clothes, fashion, outfits, shoes, boots, sneakers, jackets, shirts, vests, dresses, lucky boards -https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/132740 -

url : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viale%20Vibrante/169/33/23

2) ViPs CrEaTiOnS : Fashion&Designs For Women's & Men's, SKINS – SHAPES CLOTHES. - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18961 -

url: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fireheart/56/30/21

3) AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS: TATTOOS-CLOTHES-PAINTING -GESTURES- & MANY MORE FOR MEN & WOMEN - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/53745 -

url: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fireheart/50/35/35 :(second floor  of Vips Creations building  )


 ViPs CrEaTiOnS  &  AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS are in the same building - Αυτά  τα 2 μαγαζιά στεγάζονται στον ίδιο χώρο  

The hunt will start the 1st April and will last 3 weeks 


A small hunt among friends ~ from 4 Greek creators ~   that runs for almost30 days & you get to hunt down amazing gifts!! We did it so you will get to know our work.


Date of the hunt that runs: June 5 to June 30 -2015


this hunt had round 2 and now i am thinking on making round 3 


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